Date: June 15-17, 2016
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Bergen/VOSS, Norway

Startup Extreme Conference 2016

It is an event organized by Startup Norway, an umbrella organization for several startup ecosystem initiatives. Startup Norway has facilitated more than 150 events since their start in 2012.

Opportunities of the entrepreneurial revolution

The Entrepreneurial Revolution is hitting us with all its power. Startup Extreme is a one day conference to explore the opportunities this new era is creating. Join Startup Extreme to get insights into the changes affecting business as usual in big corporations. How do you capitalise, collaborate and capture new value when new challengers are changing the rules?

Join Startups, Investors, Media and Corporate Innovators

Kicking off with an open conference in Bergen June 15th to meet, learn, and engage in the startup ecosystem.

The conference has 3 tracks, leaving something for everyone:

Startup Investing

Join the investor track at Startup Extreme to explore the opportunities of startup investing. Meet world class investors, learn about picking the winning investments, meet investor-ready startups, and share experiences on investing in startups.

From the pool of fast growing and visionary Nordic startups, several investor-ready startups are invited at angel/seed stage to present to the investor group. Media include TechCrunch, The Next Web, Arctic Startup & TV2.

Investor participation criteria:

• Active investor in any asset class
• Eager to learn more about startup investing, and build your investor network for co-investing
• Want to gain access to early stage startups

Corporate Innovation

Learn how you can keep up with the speed of startups and cooperate with the startup scene to avoid getting disrupted and stay on top of your industry. The foundation of any innovation program is the ability to work with speed. Learn how you can keep up with the speed of startups and cooperate with the startup scene to avoid getting disrupted and stay on top of your industry.

The topics of this track will be:

  • Innovating in the new era
    The new era is brought forward by major driving forces that can not be ignored. Technological advances and shifts in customer and employee expectations allow for new business models, where old logic is broken and challengers come from unexpected places. This session paints in broad strokes an image of the forces shaping the startup revolution and gives you insight into where to look for the new opportunities.
  • Matching the speed of startups
    At the core of the new business models lies the ability to rapidly adapt to changes, respond to customer needs and pivot when reality bites. In this session, the stories about being smart, working lean and building as you go will be discussed.
  • Unleashing intrapreneurs
    The power of being big might also be the biggest Achilles´ heel when innovating. What are the success criteria when setting up an intrapreneurial program? How can bigger corporations learn models and apply tools from the startup way of working in order to spark innovation, create new income streams, new ventures, and new business models? It´s all about unleashing the intrapreneurs.

Startup Scaling

Join investors, founders & executives for a full day of networking and talks. It’s a unique opportunity to meet investors and get access to potential customers & partners & media.

Get introduced to critical knowledge & experiences on scaling and showcased on stage by pitching, host a demo, launch, or other cool ideas (by request).

All-Conference tickets include:

  • Full day Conference pass
  • Access to networking drinks
  • Food ticket for lunch
  • Coffee, tea
  • Access to all open conference activities

Startup Extreme Summit 2016

Join the exclusive group of startups, investors, speakers & media for a two-day trip to VOSS after the conference.

The most enthusiastic people are invited to join a day trip to the extreme sports capital to network in the most extreme environments the world has to offer. Be in a rafting boat with your next investor, get your story told to media, and build deep relationships for life.

Participate in activities such as:

  • Fjord Kayaking
  • River Rafting
  • Indoor Skydiving

…any many more!

All attendees are selected by an application process that match startups and investors.

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