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Eligibility: All who have made extraordinary water-related achievements are eligible

Stockholm Water Prize 2021

For 30 years, the world’s most prestigious water award, the Stockholm Water Prize, has honoured women, men and organizations for extraordinary water-related achievements.

The prize is an international water award presented annually since 1991. It started as part of the Stockholm Water Festival, which celebrated that the Swedish capital had managed to reach its goal of having some of the cleanest water in the world. When preparing the festivities, the idea was floated to also create a Nobel Prize for water.

Though the concept was later modified – the Stockholm Water Prize is not part of the Nobel family – the award was modelled on the other prizes to ensure academic and professional excellence.

Who can win the Stockholm Water Prize?

The Prize is awarded to a person or organization who contributes to the conservation and protection of water resources, and to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

All who have made extraordinary water-related achievements are eligible.

Over the years, the Laureates have represented a broad range of water-related activities, professions and scientific disciplines from all over the world.

Who can nominate?

Anyone can submit a nomination for the prize, however, self-nominations or nominations by persons with direct professional or family ties to the candidate are not permitted.

How is the laureate selected?

The Stockholm Water Prize Nominating Committee goes through all the nominations and creates a shortlist, after which additional information is requested about shortlisted candidates.

The Committee, which consists of world-leading experts from different academic fields, professions and geographical backgrounds, will thereafter select its top three candidates and submit this list to The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for further review and recommendations.

The final decision is eventually taken by the SIWI board.

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