Deadline: January 29, 2017 | Submit draft here
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Eligibility: student status
25,000 SEK for winner in each category
Location: Online; the price ceremony will be held in Stockholm, Sweden

Sustainergies Cup 2017

Sustainergies Cup invites you to tackle three exciting sustainability cases.

Compete with your sustainable ideas

Be creative and apply your skills on three critical sustainability challenges from organizations who want your input to become even more sustainable! Choose between Atlas Copco – Enable the Sustainable City, Skandia Fastigheter – Shape The Circular Office, and Swedish Energy Agency – The Future of Energy – what will it sound like? Or try all three!

Who can compete in Sustainergies Cup

You can compete in Sustainergies Cup regardless of where you live or what you study. You can compete individually or as a team. Any active student can compete, no matter if you study engineering, sustainability, public relations, or something entirely different!

Atlas Copco, Skandia Fastigheter and The Swedish Energy Agency want your ideas and will reward three winning solutions with 25,000 SEK each (2,500 euros). This is not an academic paper, this is your chance to get creative!

Submit your solution no later than 29 January 2017. The prize ceremony will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, in March 2017.

Enable the Sustainable City

Atlas Copco wants to empower people to lead a sustainable life in an urbanized world. Your challenge is to observe a city of your choice through their philosophy “there is always a better way!”. Suggest how it could become more sustainable and how we can play an important role in transforming your vision into reality!

Cities provide us with endless possibilities in terms of access to products and services. Simultaneously, cities are home to significant challenges such as congestion, waste and pollution.

Atlas Copco helps their customers build and redevelop urban infrastructure. Select a city of your choice and identify one key sustainability challenge that strongly influences how people, live, travel, consume or interact with each other. Suggest a solution to your sustainability challenge and describe how it would make your city more sustainable. Then, explore Atlas Copco product portfolio and describe how their products can contribute to implementing your solution. Empower life in the sustainable city!

Shape the Circular Office

For Skandia Fastigheter, sustainable growth is a responsibility as well as a prerequisite for long-term success. Now they need your help to use a circular way of thinking for their office buildings!

How can the company make full use of the potential in their resources and challenge ingrained behaviors in a smarter way, while creating an attractive working environment?

Skandia Fastigheter – and your – challenge is to find the ideas that will shape the offices of tomorrow. As inspiration, think of a workplace that you are familiar with, and explore what opportunities you find. With your creativity, a property and a workplace that applies a circular approach towards products, services and practices can be created, from which the whole community will benefit from.

The future of energy – what will it sound like?

How we use, produce and distribute heat and electricity are changing rapidly, with significant influence on our current and future society. To prepare Sweden for what the future could look like, the Swedish Energy Agency has created four potential scenarios for the Swedish energy system. Now they need your help to build these futures!

To solve this case, begin by choosing one scenario. Each of them is centred around one unique driving force for the possible development of our society energy security, global justice, individualism and competitiveness. The scenarios have names inspired by the musical expressions Forte, Legato, Espressivo and Vivace.

Then, use your imagination, knowledge and creativity to develop an idea that enables the energy system of the future. It could be a new technical solution, a communicative technique or business model. It could also be a product or service which encourages behavioural change or that facilitates new ways to use or transform energy in one of four futures.

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