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Techweek 2016

Techweek is building the world’s largest community-driven tech platform to support tech entrepreneurship across the world.

  • HISTORY: Founded 5 years ago in Chicago to showcase and support Chicago’s unheralded emerging tech ecosystem
  • GROWTH: Recognizing Chicago was not alone in its desire to support its entrepreneurial community, we have expanded to seven more North American cities in 2016
  • PRODUCTS: We have spent 5 years innovating and experimenting to develop a set of 6 products that individually solve real pain points, and collectively nurture the entire ecosystem
  • CUSTOMERS: Techweek serves the entire technology ecosystem, from Fortune 500 CEOs looking to tell their innovation story, to bootstrap founders looking to meet co-founders or investors

Techweek Summit

Summit is a series of forums and speaking sessions with world famous speakers that tackle the latest topics and disruptive trends, through the lens of technology and innovation.

New in 2016, Techweek will also be showcasing digital summits, allowing greater breadth and reach of topics, speakers and audience.

Past summits have included Fintech, Emerging Technology, Healthcare, Automotive Connectivity, Smart Cities, and much more.

6 exciting SUMMIT content streams

  1. The internet of things (IOT) is evolving at a rapid pace. See what the future of connectivity means for our everyday lives where we bring together all the things, smart things that are.
  2. Join prominent VCs, city officials and entrepreneurs as they explore the state of innovation in the urban setting.
  3. Financial technology startups are trying their hand at disrupting the incumbents who still dominate traditional financial space.
  4. Semi-autonomous, driverless and the connected car are the ways of the future of driving.
  5. In more ways than one, virtual reality and augmented reality are permeating into our daily lives, whether through gaming, movies, advertising, and much more.
  6. Hear from some of the most influential investors, entrepreneurs and tech moguls on how they made a difference in their company.

FEST: A week-long festival of curated events that celebrate Tech

For 2016, they are continuing some of our favourite and most popular events of past years as well as introducing some new, and exciting types of events.

  • Celebrations: Happy hours, kickoff and after- parties, product announcements and tech demo showcases
  • Basecamp: The official satellite office space and The Nexus of all things Techweek
  • Office Tours: Explore the hidden secrets and incredible workspaces of the coolest companies in your city, and maybe even find your future job
  • Workshops and open forums: Come and learn a technical or entrepreneurial skill or quiz an expert on his chosen area of expertise
  • Challenge events: Competitions, hackathons, university pitch fests, quizzes and more
  • Curated meetups: 1-on-1 hiring and introductory office tours
  • Hiring fest events: Not your father’s hiring fair; come find your dream job
  • Community events: The best and brightest meetups and groups open their doors to the Techweek community

Techweek Founders House

Techweek’s mission is to make the world a better place through tech entrepreneurship. And change starts from the top.

In the past 5 years, we’ve come to learn that CEOs and Tech Leaders are an underserved market. They were craving curated events where they can relax in a private environment with their peers.

To accomplish this, Founders House annually brings together diverse industry leads, in curated serendipity, in each of Techweek’s emerging markets, to expand entrepreneurial prowess and development across the globe.

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