Deadline: for The Mill Idea Accelerator applications are accepted on a rolling basis,
for The Mill Startup Accelerator apply by June 17, 2016
Apply for: The Mill Idea Accelerator 2016 | The Mill Startup Accelerator 2016
Prize: $5000 – $30000
Las Vegas, The United States

The Mill was a place of transformation. It converted cotton to cloth, grain to flour, ore to steel. The Mill changed the landscape of our economy once. And it is ready to do it again.

The Mill helps idea and seed stage startups evolve.

It is their contribution to creating a flourishing startup ecosystem. The Mill has a strong company culture that is grounded in six core values:

  • THOUGHTFULNESS: They think and act deliberately and in alignment with our values.
  • HARD WORK: They love our work. They act, finish, and do what needs to be done.
  • RESILIENCE: They are resourceful, creative, and determined problem solvers.
  • TRANSPARENCY: They are honest, open and direct in what they do and how they do it.
  • CONTRIBUTION: They are contributing to something bigger. They intend to make a difference.
  • INCLUSIVITY: They value diversity and actively seek out founders, mentors, investors and partners who have traditionally been underrepresented in the startup sector.

The Mill Idea Lab is a place to test your idea.

Do you have an idea? Are you ready to turn it into a business?

You are given the tools and experiences to experiment, explore, and transform your good idea into a great business.

What you get:

  • $5000
  • Two months of free office space at The Mill HQ
  • In-depth orientation
  • Access to an extensive network of mentors
  • Opportunity to be featured in The Post
  • Invitations to The Mill events
  • Support and connection to the growing community of Millers

What you give:

  • Commit to attending the orientation
  • At least three hours of mentoring – your choice of who, when and how
  • Attend at least two events, classes or workshops in DTLV
  • Commit to pitch practice
  • Present at Pitch Night
  • Agree that The Mill has rights to invest in future funding rounds

The Mill Startup Accelerator

Are you a startup team committed to developing a strong company culture? Is your highest business priority serving your users and customers?

The Mill Startup Accelerator helps seed-stage companies focused on developing an exceptional customer service culture. The program team and mentor network work together to accelerate your startup’s growth.

What you get:

  • 30K (25k capital + 5k services)
  • Office space
  • 3 month program of classes and mentoring
    • Kickoff Cohort retreat
    • Core Values
    • Customer Profiling
    • Brand Review
    • Creating Great Culture
    • UX Workshop & Reviews
    • Pitches and pitch decks
    • Term Sheets & Fundraising
  • An extensive network of mentors
  • Features in The Post
  • Support and connection to the growing community of Millers

What you give:

  • 5%
  • Work at The Mill HQ in DTLV
  • Complete the classes
  • Support your fellow Millers
  • Present at Pitch Night
  • Complete program evaluation

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