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WHU New Year’s Conference 2017

The financial industry became the most rapidly changing industry exposed to high levels of volatility in terms of its results and reputation. Innovations are being launched at a pace that other parts of the economy can only dream of. All this develops in today’s environment characterised by immense challenges from the monetary policy, the regulatory and the technological side.

Innovation in Finance – Shaping Tomorrow’s Business Models

The meaning of the term “financial innovation” has changed several times over the past years. At the very beginning, it was associated with keywords such as the debit card, the ATM, and online banking. Financial instruments like interest rate and credit default swaps, options and futures quickly followed. Warren Buffett sceptically pondered, that the ATM probably was the only value-creating innovation brought forward by the industry.

Financial innovation has become multifaceted, driven by new business models rather than speculation. A customer centric approach recently became the norm when innovating. To name just two of countless examples, mobile payment systems and blockchain technology truly added value for the customer. Furthermore, social motives gave an impulse for innovation, when looking at crowdfunding, microfinance as well as micro insurance. Last and most importantly find techs are turning the world of finance upside down and are posing serious challenges to established financial services providers.

Innovation adds value as well as complexity. Which business models will survive? How will they integrate into the world economy from a macro perspective? How ethical are financial innovations? How much regulation is appropriate to protect the consumer without hindering development? Who are the players driving innovation? These questions have to be dealt with in a responsible manner by all parties involved and carefully considered while deciding on a long-term strategy.

Reaction and timing of established players in the financial sector to new trends will decide on their success today and their ability to innovate tomorrow. Let us discuss the process and the dynamics of innovative financial solutions and work on the relevant factors for future success, bringing together the entire spectrum of players shaping tomorrow’s business models.


A unique conference requires unique participants. Highly regarded sponsors and speakers add the exceptional edge that defines the Campus for Finance. Three distinct programs that are designed to fit your needs and expectations are offered:

Student Program

The Student Program offers an enriching conference experience for students interested in the finance and consulting world. Every year we welcome over 350 students from all around the globe offering exciting academic content, as well as vivid networking opportunities. During panel discussions and workshops different aspects of this year’s topic “Innovation in Finance – Shaping Tomorrow’s Business Models” will be discussed.

Make sure to meet corporate representatives from world-leading institutions at our Career Fair and Networking Dinners. Benefit from the inspiring atmosphere on the campus of the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and get in touch with other participants of the WHU New Year’s Conference 2017.

Professional Program

Professional Program offers:

  • Valuable and insightful workshops. Participate in two workshops as part of the Young Professional and MBA Program that are hosted by the sponsors. Use networking events to push your own career forward!
  • Inspiring Inspirational Talk. In the public eye, there are countless individuals who inspire people and actively shape others’ life through their actions or achievements. To motivate the participants of the Professional Program to pursue greatness, an extraordinary speaker is invited, who will share their story of success and give an account of how unexpected opportunities can give your life a new direction.
  • Visionary Technology Talk. The Technology Talk is a new element of the Professional Program. It gives startups from the fin tech branch the possibility to give participants an insight into their ideas and visions. In combination with the conference’s topic “Innovation in Finance – Shaping Tomorrow’s Business Models,” a detailed account of the innovative banking and finance world will be provided.
  • Excellent networking opportunities. Meet corporate representatives and high-class speakers at the Networking Lunch and Gala Dinner. Benefit from recruiting opportunities during interviews with corporate representatives, workshops, the get-together event, and more.

Academic Program

The Academic Program of the Campus for Finance – WHU New Year’s Conference is designed to offer you – the academic participants – a conference experience specifically targeted at your interests. Professors, assistant professors, PhD students and research assistants will have the opportunity to listen to renowned speakers and meet outstanding personalities from the corporate as well as the academic world.

Meet the most renowned professors, such as Nobel Laureate Prof. Finn Kydland and the Co-authors of “Principles of Corporate Finance” Prof. Richard Brealey and Prof. Stewart Myers. They will provide valuable insights into their latest research during exclusive academic workshops.

Moreover, the program includes interesting networking opportunities with other participants – as well as sponsors – and will be concluded with an atmospheric Gala Dinner. Highlight this year’s conference topic “Innovation in Finance – Shaping Tomorrow’s Business Models” from an academic point of view during this intellectually inspiring, challenging, and interactive program!

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