Date: July 12, 2019 | Register here
Price: EUR 129,-
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Wisepunk Startup Conference 2019

Wisepunk is a one-day conference for ambitious founders, creatives and those pursuing their dreams.

Come and learn from some of the boldest yet sweet entrepreneurs around as they share the inside story behind their success. Live interviews. DJ’s. Drinks. And networking. In a fabulous venue that is not boring.

Live interviews with some extraordinary people

395 million in the capital. 2 billion in market value. Learn how they did it.

Forget about powerpoint or boring round tables. There will be one-on-one interviews with each guest and ask the tough question so you can learn from their successes and struggles.

Expect to bring back a ton of actionable advice that you can directly implement into your personal and professional life.

Learn, be inspired and bring back actionable advice

  • David Okuniev: Passionate UX designer that co-founded Typeform in 2012. Raised 46M euros.
  • Sacha Michaud: Co-founder Glovo, 800 people, 20+ countries, in 4 years. Raised 255M euros.
  • Konrad Bergström: Founder, Zound Industries (Marshall headphones) & X Shore electric boats. 170M euros in revenue.
  • Amir Salihefendić: Founder Todoist and Twist. Bootstrapped with 20M euros in annual revenue.
  • Lupina Iturriaga: Founder & Co-CEO, Fintonic. Raised 45M euros.
  • Pedro Magriço: Senior Product Manager at Hotjar, ex-Typeform which he grew from 0-20M in annual revenue
  • Gerard Compte: Founder & CEO of Find That Lead. Once sold his Rolex to be able to keep on building his business.

Each one of these extraordinary entrepreneurs has been asked to come and share their story without holding back – sharing the ups and downs, and the real story about how it really happened.

During the course of the day, you will have plenty of tips and actionable items to bring back to your team. This day is all about learning from the best!

The venue – A 70’s styled cinema in downtown Barcelona

An event like this couldn’t just take place in any old conference space, could it? Wisepunk is organized in a place we usually go to immerse ourselves in the world of cinema. So, come on in, and grab a bag of popcorn and let’s get started!

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