Dates: May 4-5, 2022| Apply here
Prices: starting from CAD 149,-
Location: Montréal, Canada

World Summit AI 2022

Now in its fourth year, World Summit AI Americas returns to Montréal and will connect the AI community in person and online over two packed days of AI content.

This year is an opportunity to join the brightest AI brains and leading industry speakers and influencers from business, science and technology to discuss the hottest topics in AI. The full AI ecosystem will be joining us, including start-up’s, academics, investors, business leaders, and all the big tech companies. Through the conference, interactive workshops, networking and expo there are plenty of opportunities to achieve your objectives.

Leading industry experts discuss the hottest topics making global headlines in our masterclass with the stars

Should big tech be regulated or will this merely serve to stifle innovation across the AI is expanding so rapidly across all elements of our daily lives?

Does the use of AI for profiling and tracking signal the end of privacy and anonymity? Question how our regulatory frameworks can remain fit for purpose when AI now permeates almost every element of our daily lives and is evolving so rapidly.

What does it take for humans to trust AI? Can machines have consciousness? If you create AI, does it have rights? What happens when the AI goes wrong? Who’s to blame?

Why is the global AI community joining?

The global community are joining to learn, rework the future and collaborate.

  • Meet new connections and business partners
  • Source the latest AI solutions and technologies
  • Keep in touch with existing clients and connections
  • Share ideas and user case stories
  • Find investors, venture partners and source capital
  • Meet potential acquirers and new business opportunities
  • Connect with founders, recruit staff, and meet up coming rising stars
  • Connect with AI ethicists, data scientist talent and developers
  • Join masterclasses with some of the biggest names in AI
  • Participate in an interactive workshop and earn professional development points

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