Dates: August 23-24, 2019 | Register here
Prices: starting from EUR 900,-
Location: Kazan, Russia

WorldSkills Conference 2019

Join industry leaders, policy-makers, education and training providers, and researchers as Kazan is turned into an international incubator for innovative solutions for change.

Skills for Change

The programme developed under the strategic leadership of the WorldSkills Conference Coalition will discuss first the challenges, and megatrends, that we face in our societies throughout the world.

These range from the negative like economic shocks and climate change, to the positive like technological transformation. The subsequent sessions will examine the solutions and advantages that skills offer to these megatrends, in the context of the fourth Industrial Revolution and climate change, and how skills will be integral to a better future for us all.

Sessions will include:

  • Risk-engineering as the new norm – for this and the next generation
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb on how to embrace and thrive in this century of uncertainty.
  • What are green skills? Making sense of the green economy
    Which skills can help us overcome environmental challenges in a systemic way?
  • A world at risk: developing the skill sets to endure, adapt, and thrive
  • Catching the digital skills wave (before it’s too late)
  • The future of work through the prism of youth
  • Different place, same skills – timely transnational standards
  • Continuous agile learning
  • Training for tomorrow: Innovations for lifelong learning
  • And many more


  • Skills for evolving economies
    Discuss young people’s ability to stay agile in the face of uncertainty and using their skills to create a more productive, competitive, and inclusive economy.
  • Roadmaps to thriving societies
    Explore how skills can build a world where happy, tolerant, and equal global citizens coexist and collaborate through skills-based solutions.
  • Towards self-sustaining ecosystems
    Explore ways to train the next generation for “green collar jobs” that will, in turn, translate to a greener and more circular economy.

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