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Location: St. Julian’s, Malta

ZEST 2016: Malta’s digital business event of the year

ZEST is a two-day event  where the disruption of borders, whether they are geographical, governmental, industry or talent is the talk of the day. ZEST discusses how the disruption of previous boundaries is affecting both the businesses that are causing such disruption, as well as those that need to play the catch-up game.

ZEST brings together a community of entrepreneurs, talent, and expertise to challenge both the existence of walls and opportunities that lay beyond. An international line-up of high-profile speakers, including CEOs, investors, and industry experts, will be participating in ZEST.

ZEST is being organised by the Malta Communications Authority in collaboration with TAKEOFF Business Incubator and other partners.

“This is the first event that truly brings together entrepreneurs, investors, startups and policy makers to talk about how borders are breaking down between industries, countries and professions. It’s an exciting time to be talking about such rapid change and we see more and more opportunities because of this.”
Dr. David Darmanin, Hotjar


Malta is a vibrant, cosmopolitan location for budding digital businesses.

Building on its past successes in the gaming and finance sectors, it is fast becoming the ideal place to launch a digital business. Malta is small yet nimble, is well connected, features an advanced communications infrastructure, has a highly-capable English-speaking workforce, and above all, offers an enviable Mediterranean lifestyle. Being part of ZEST is an opportunity to meet the local community made up of many nationalities, contribute to diverse discussions on the subject and build relationships with new concepts, ideas, and minds.

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