Looking for tools and tips to get started with video? Is video creation an essential element of your marketing strategy?

Video has become a vital of digital marketing. Animation can be a really powerful way to tell your story, show the human side of your business by adding a personal touch and communicate in a clear yet unique manner.

Videos stand out on social media, giving customers a quick overview of a service or product without overwhelming them with long texts. In less than thirty seconds, a customer can get the information he needs about a specific business through a visually-appealing, short and fun video. You have only few seconds to intrigue them with your video.

Considering making them, too? You should, because videos are great for:

  • Digital Marketing: Improve the performance of your marketing campaigns by creating interesting videos.
  • Startups & SMEs: Use videos to make a great first impression with clients or investors.
  • Students: make beautiful videos as part of your projects.

Thanks to developments in technology, now it’s easier than ever to create a fun and catchy video. But it’s very important to plan making a video and then promoting it.

In this article you will discover a list of video making tool and platforms to help you add video to your marketing mix. So here are the 12 video making tools that could help you get started.

12 video making tools to make your videos look professional

  1. Wideo is a tool that allows anyone to make professional videos within minutes. You can create animated videos on Wideo with dragging & dropping elements into place in the Wideo editor then setting the sequence of animations. Wideo has stock elements available including drawings, text, and even cartoons. You can also upload your own images and audio files to use in your videos.

  1. Prezi This is an interesting tool for slide and video presentations as it allows you to create one big  and more easily connected idea and then use the tools like, zoom, pan & fly all around the presentation to create a really dynamic feel.

  1. Powtoon uses drag and drop functionality to create videos from the wide variety of their library images, and animated characters. You can use text and photos from your computer or import screen captures.

  1. WeVideo is a shared online video creation tool. This means that you can have a team of several people working on the same project at any given time. Another great feature that WeVideo offers, is the google drive app. The WeVideo Google Drive lets you save all your projects, complete or incomplete directly to your google drive account. The Android app also allows you to capture raw footage for your projects directly from your phone.

  1. Kaltura is the first Open Source Online Video Platform. Available on Kaltura are professional and commercial grade video editors that allows you to beautifully and cleanly create astonishing videos. The website is also pretty easy to use as a beginner. And the absolute best part of Kaltura is that it provides great support services too.

  1. MixerFactory previously known as MIXMOOV, is a very simple to use and easily understood online video editor. One of the most popular video editing websites on the Great Web today, MixerFactory gives you a white labelled online video editing toolbox, which you can further customise to create whatever you want. It basically provides you with a blank slate and the tools you need to turn that blank slate to a full one.

  1. Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. It takes a little practice to get right, but adds surprisingly professional touch when you do.

  1. GoAnimateThis tool allows you to make full-featured animated movies using characters and sets by your choose. Animation can be a really powerful way to tell your story in a easy and fun manner.

  1. Shotclip is a great video application that turns every amateur into a guru at creating videos. Following this website and phone application’s simple 3-step process, anyone can create a great video. At the centre of shotclip, is a template guide that breaks down your video for you, showing you image by image, what shots to use to tell your story and how to use them.

  1. Sellamations This service will create videos where a hand draws out your story with a marker in high-speed capture. It’s not the cheapest route, but it’s one of the best ways to create a one of a kind video that’s simply hard not to watch.

  1. Magisto turns your everyday videos and photos into exciting, memorable movies you’ll want to watch again and again. Just choose videos, select a theme, and add music. Simple as that.

  1. Video Toolbox is a free online platform that in addition to editing your video files analyses it and gives you highly detailed information about the bit rate, codec, frame rate, and resolution. It can also convert your video file to whatever video format you need it in.

Are you aware of any other video editing tools that you would recommend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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