Ever felt anxious and shy about attending the conferences?

You definitely shouldn’t. They don’t only present you with a handful of outstanding career and networking opportunities, but also update you on the latest trends within the industry.

This is not a complete list of reasons, but definitely the ones worth mentioning. Here are my 7 reasons why you should attend conferences.

7 reasons why you should attend conferences

1. You will meet diverse people, coming from different cultural and educational backgrounds

Attending a conference will allow you to meet different individuals, who share diverse backgrounds and experiences.

You will spend your time with people who can teach you many new things; this will open your mind to different cultures and ways of thinking about everything around you. In addition, you can make contacts and friends that can last for a life-time.

2. They will encourage you to improve and grow personally and professionally

The individuals you’ll meet have a plethora of stories to share that can enlighten you.

Surrounding yourself with passionate people will encourage you to keep learning and growing in all aspects of your life. They can become a source of inspiration and a motivation to be a better, and fight for your dreams as they do. As Jim Rohn, a world-famous motivational speaker said, you are the average of 5 people you surround yourself with.

3. You will always learn something new

Another reason why you should attend conferences is that there is always a thing or two you can take away from such events.

Learning outcomes are at the core of many conferences and attending talks, debates or discussion panels can help you acquire knowledge that you were lacking before. You can learn from the speakers’ stories and experiences that will inspire you to take action to create the future you desire.

4. Conferences give you the opportunity to travel and discover different and new places

Many conferences are held out of your hometown. This should not be a barrier but an extra incentive to go.

When you travel to go to a conference in a different city of yours, you have the opportunity to know a new place and discover its story, its architecture, its people, its culture…An event is the perfect opportunity to put together leisure and learning. What else can you ask for?

5. Networking opportunities are awaiting you. Your dream job starts there

Conferences are an excellent opportunity to make connections. Many times companies attend this type of events to recruit attendees.

This a perfect chance to sell yourself and show the companies how you could contribute to their growth. You might eventually land your dream job by making the right connections during the conference.

6. Conferences will take you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to think out of the box

Now this is important. As of today, if you want to succeed, it is vital to adapt to the world out there.

It is moving so fast that we need to be flexible and smart enough to detect changes far before they happen and be prepared to face them. We need to learn to leave our comfort zone and jump to the – for many unknown – world out there to be able to cope with anything that is about to come. Conferences will give you a taste of this and make you start realizing the way the real modern world works.

7. Conferences are a source of inspiration and might help you discover your passion

Some people attend conferences to get inspired by talks and speeches but they are still not clear on the path they want to take.

A lot of people think they are the only ones with this concern. Nevertheless, trust me, there are many individuals out there asking themselves the same question. Don’t worry about that, I can assure you that attending conferences doesn’t require this. Showing your will for learning and improving will be enough to get the most out of them, which could guide and inspire you on the next steps to take to land your passion.

Looking for an opportunity to get started? Try the UNLEASH conference 2016, the world’s most unconventional meeting of young talent that will take place in Madrid this June 8-10.

Can you think of other reasons to attend conferences? Let us know in the comments’ section below!

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