Nowadays, there are so many available sources modern marketers can choose to learn from and just one of them is attending events.

Marketing events in Europe in 2016

Our goal was to create a one go-to resource for you to keep you posted about all the upcoming marketing events in Europe in 2016, and make it very easy for you to plan and organize your events schedule for the whole year ahead. If you want to improve your marketing knowledge and skills, the year of 2016 has a lot to offer.

Over the next year there is a long list of learning, growing and networking opportunities to satisfy your thirst for marketing smarts, covering a wide range of topics from Inbound Marketing, SEO, Social Media marketing, Content marketing, B2B or B2C marketing, Influencer marketing , analytics, big data, design, innovation, leadership, mobile, technology, development, entrepreneurship and much more.

Marketing events in January 2016

Marketing events in February 2016

Marketing events in March 2016

Marketing events in April 2016

Marketing events in May 2016

Marketing events in June 2016

Marketing events in July 2016

Marketing events in August 2016

  • To be announced soon

Marketing events in September 2016

Marketing events in October 2016

Marketing events in November 2016

Marketing events in December 2016

Have we missed an interesting event you would like to see in the list? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Great list! Might I add one to the list as well:

    OnBrand ’16 will be in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on October 13th. OnBrand is the leading branding conference for the international marketing communications industry. Join 500+ marketing professionals to get cutting edge marketing insight from key industry leaders, brand managers and designers.

    OnBrand 2016 prepares marketers for a new era of branding with insightful keynotes and panel discussions from leaders in branding and marketing. Our expert lineup will share their own insights and best practices, and provide you with actionable insights to succeed in the digital age.

    Thanks again for the awesome list!


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