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Up to 1 Million dollars

FastTrack VC challenge is looking for early stage technology companies and individual entrepreneurs willing to pitch for seed investments up to $1,000,000 and the chance to win $50,000 cash. Got what it takes?

With more than twenty years into the business and numerous “startup to exit” successful experiences, Ruben Dias has tailored a unique approach to startup investment. In the last ten years alone this approach has resulted in multi-million dollar exit-deals with companies like Panda Security, Tyco International and SolarWinds. Today, Fast Track VC presents itself as the natural outcome of that proven business approach, offering startup entrepreneurs value beyond funding.

“Been there, done that. FastTrack is founded, funded and managed by a tech entrepreneur with multiple major exits to multinational companies. Over the past 20 years we have successfully built from scratch companies in bootstrap mode that were acquired for tens of millions. We are now deploying our hard-earned experience and network through our smart money fund”, says Ruben Dias, the CEO & Founder of FastTrack.

Fast Track forges unique MVPs into successful companies. Applying a proven business approach, they are empowering disruptive ideas with seed investment, execution expertise and market experience.

The FastTrack VC Startup Challenge 2016

From idea to startup in less than 6 months

Step 1: Click Submit Idea to receive Fast Track’s application form in your email inbox – use it to make us know, understand and get excited about your idea. You’ll be assigned a Business Developer whose job is to review your submission and help you throughout the process. Feel free to contact him directly; in fact, we recommend you to do so. You’re allowed to resubmit the application form as many time as necessary, provided we’re still inside the submission period timeframe.

Step 2: Once the Submission Period is up our board will analyse each submission – the Decision Time period has a standard duration of 60 days. The applicants presenting us unique MVP concepts, insightful pitch decks and smart revenue plans will be shortlisted and contacted for the “last but not least” step: the interview, during which, if applicable, we are expecting a product demo and a more personal acquaintance of the entrepreneurs behind it.

Step 3: The Fast Track Challenge winners will not only get up to $1,000,000 in seed funding, but also a $50,000 cash prize and the knowledge, expertise and resources of a partner who has very successfully built to exit four companies from scratch, all to multi nationals. Working alongside the founders Fast Track will help turn break through ideas into game changing companies.


  • Only registered users can enter a Fast Track challenge. There are no registration restrictions; all visitors are invited to register.
  • By clicking Submit Idea the registered user is presented an Application Form. To become eligible for the Challenge’s Prize Money and subsequent Seed Investment, the registered user needs to submit the Application Form, thus becoming a Challenger.
  • All Challengers are appointed an Account Manager. These business development experts’ job is to mentor Challengers, offering direct guidance throughout the Challenge and reviewing the Challengers’ submissions. Challengers are welcome to update their Application Form as many time as necessary, provided they meet the Submission Period deadlines.
  • During Decision Time a Fast Track judging panel will shortlist the top challengers and invite each one for a concept demo (via video conference or face-to-face). The challenge Winners will emerge from this shortlist.
  • The Winners will pocket their deserved prize money and grant their project a seed investment that can reach 1 Million dollars.

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