Deadline: January 31, 2022 23:59 CET| Apply here
Who should apply: Young leaders fluent in English and holding a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline are welcome to apply.
Lausanne, Switzerland

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Are you dreaming of a more sustainable world in which more companies focus on positive contributions to society?

Are you a recent Bachelor’s graduate looking to sharpen your business skills, which you can use in creating a better world?

If you answer with “YES”, then we are excited to invite you to apply for the BSL’s fresh Master’s program:

🌍 Join the Master of International Business – Concentration in Sustainability at Business School Lausanne

To prepare a new generation of young leaders for the future of entrepreneurship, Business School Lausanne is introducing a new sustainability-focused Master’s program.

If you are a Bachelor’s graduate interested in addressing today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in business and society, you can’t miss the opportunity to join the Master of International Business – Concentration in Sustainability.

Why should you specialize in Sustainable Business at Business School Lausanne?

The core courses of the Master of International Business program are founded upon three pillars, which will equip you with the knowledge essential to succeed in the modern business world:

  1. Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skills
  2. Global Mega Trends
  3. Business Knowledge Skills

In the carefully curated curriculum, this program includes 7 sustainability-focused modules:

  1. Sustainable Business Strategy
  2. Circular Economy
  3. The Ethics of Innovation
  4. Solving Big Problems 
  5. Equality and Inclusion
  6. Financial and Environmental Performance
  7. Supply Chain Management

Upon finishing this 18-month program, you will be awarded 120 ECTS / 72 US Credits.

Real business learning experience

On top of the program curriculum, Business School Lausanne offers additional opportunities to acquire and test your knowledge outside the classroom:

  • Business Innovation Week

Business Innovation Week is a signature experiential learning event happening on the 10th and final week of every term at Business School Lausanne.

The unique recipe is a mix of peer-learning, challenge-based learning, student engagement, 21st-Century skills development, trust, enthusiasm, and responsibility.

  • The Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is the program’s culminating point. You will choose one powerful social entrepreneurship project that will equip you with hands-on experience and allow you to apply your knowledge in real life.

Will you build your own social enterprise as a start-up project, complete an internship or perform a comprehensive case study within a social enterprise? The choice is yours!

Take a look at the life of students at Business School Lausanne

BSL offers a relatively small, highly diverse community, where the majority of professors have careers in business and thus their lectures are enriched with personal experiences and examples that are relevant to today’s business operations.

– Sofia Nakhmanovich
MIB Alumna

Are you ready to join a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs and use your power to transform the world for the better?

BSL offers partial scholarships to candidates on a need and merit base, interested in leveraging business as a force for good!

Studying at Business School Lausanne is an enriching experience not only for your curriculum, but also for your social life.

BSL students come from various countries and different backgrounds, which will allow you to meet cultures and develop a global network for life.

The school lays emphasis on the quality of the learning experience BSL provides. The classes are taught in small groups, ensuring a personalized teaching approach and allowing for a highly dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Prepare for success in the business world and fall in love with charming Lausanne

Located on three hills above the northern shore of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is one of the greenest European cities and promotes awareness and sustainable solutions as it forms a part of the Global Destination Sustainability Index.

Lausanne will be your idyllic getaway with a rich heritage, where you can unwind and enjoy nature, admire the panoramic views of the Savoy Alps on the opposite side of Lake Geneva and make long-lasting connections with people from all around the world.

🌍 Are you ready to take advantage of the tools BSL provides you and immerse into the world of sustainable entrepreneurship?

Apply now for the Master of International Business – Concentration in Sustainability at Business School Lausanne!

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      For more info about scholarships, follow this link.

      Let us know if you have any questions, and don’t forget that the deadline is 11:59pm CEST, November 1, 2021.


  1. UPDATE: The deadline for non-EU applicants has been extended until 11:59pm CET, November 15, 2021. If you have any questions about the program, make sure to follow this link and fill out the form. The BSL team will provide you with a free consultation.


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