The days, the months, the years after finishing university are the hardest.

Those are the days where we are trying to find ourselves.

The search for a job is not easy and one of the most stressful experiences for our young minds. Every rejection leads to a great disappointment, making it feel like another lost opportunity. We become depressed, yet we are hopeful this might be the last one.

While on a job hunt, young people are exploring opportunities in other places, which seem to be more interesting than staying in Europe such as the USA, Australia, New Zealand or United Arab Emirates. We dream about these countries, where we can get better positions, higher salaries than in Europe, which would lead us to a better life and more options to raise a family.

The reality is completely different.

Starting a new life in another country is never easy. First and most important is to have luck, but luck sometimes does not come when you need it the most. You also need courage, preparations and money; otherwise you will not be able to leave.

You must be very certain in your decision to leave your country and you must know that there is no coming back for years, if not for good.

The small towns are giving me sickness because nothing changes in them.

They are like ghost towns, the streets are empty, people are at home, or at work if they have it, it is cold and windy and there is no hope. That emptiness is strangling me and I am losing my motivation. I just want to live in big cities and I think that they are better than the small ones in every way. They are crowded with so many young people, theaters, cinemas, museums and… jobs.

When we are talking about jobs, the big cities seem to have more career options available than tiny villages. However, the biggest problem anywhere is the request for previous experience. How can I have an experience in my profession when nobody wants to give me a chance to start working? I was refused jobs in a few European countries including mine because I had no experience. But that is not the only problem. The economic recession is still shaking Europe. All this is terrifying the young generation and many of us start to think about leaving Europe.

From this whole situation and not having a better future, my friend and university colleague, Kristina from Serbia, left Europe and went to Alaska in USA, without even finishing university. First the Americans gave her a student visa. Its processing lasted for 6 months because they were many documents to be presented. The whole processing is comparable to an ex-convict who is looking for a job after leaving a prison. Kristina did not mind long procedures or complications, nor spending a lot of time to provide all documents. She only wanted to go to America, hoping that she get a chance to work and live her American dream. Currently she is living there with her boyfriend and some other friends, working as a hostess and is very happy.

The food is not important, and a diversity of cultures is not an issue for her and she does not mind doing the hard work. The only problem is that she misses home, her parents and her friends. But she started a new life and she is determined to stay there no matter what.

Another person who left Europe is my friend Maria from Macedonia, who got a degree in business management and could not find a job at her home country. She applied for a position of a guest relations agent in an hotel in Dubai. She waited for the decision for 4 months, had to take some job-related courses and exams, and was finally accepted for the position. When she started her work in Dubai I contacted her and asked her whether she enjoyed it. She said she was feeling great and enjoying the life. She also said that she was paid well and her life was fulfilled. I did not ask whether she is ever coming back, but from the conversation we had it seemed that she would stay there for good.

The idea of united Europe being diverse in languages, cultures, and religions does not seem to mix well with the economic prosperity yet.

I believe we can be much more successful than we are today. While those borders and bureaucratic barriers still exist in Europe, with politicians who attempt to divide us. I know that achieving my dream might seem very hard and almost impossible for all Europeans, but I hope that one day we will get there and make Europe a better place to live.


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