Time to take the first step to leaving the corporate world?

Are you in a job you really do not enjoy? Has your career failed to meet your expectations leaving you unfulfilled and exhausted, dreading each morning you get up to go to work.

Initially, you really enjoyed your job but lately the buzz has just disappeared. It seems at times that poor management is thwarting your progress, leaving your frustrated. There’s just got to be more to life, hasn’t there?

So what’s next? How can you ignite that passion that you once held for your career? Is starting your own business an option perhaps? You’ve had an idea burning in your mind for a while and those first entrepreneurial seeds have been sown.

Going forward, how do you grow that seed into a thriving and successful business?

Taking the first step

It’s trendy to become an entrepreneur, but are you really cut out for it? Your decision should not be based on passing trends or an impulsive decision because you are bored.

It should not be considered lightly, but with cold calculation.

Although you may believe you have all the strengths to become an entrepreneur inevitably, there will be gaps in your knowledge.

Having a mentor/coach is crucial to support you in exploring whether or not you have both the mindset and skills to ‘fly solo‘.

Whether it’s going to be advice about your business strategy or just having the benefit of a different perspective, a good mentor will offer support as you clarify your goals. Offering you a critical sounding board and impartial advice and guidance.

It is absolutely key that you choose someone you can trust.

Whilst it is good to seek a mentor with similar ideology, consider the benefit of working with someone who has different ideas and strategies.

It could mean they bring something new rather than echoing your own thoughts. Having that outside perspective from an experienced peer or mentor is an invaluable ingredient to successful idea generation.

What is crucial for both parties in any relationship is that the chemistry is right. The wrong partnership could backfire.

So where do you find the right mentor?

Joining a local business network is an ideal place to find someone. Often, business owners are looking for a way to challenge themselves, and are happy to give up some of their time.

Perhaps reach out to a business owner you see profiled online, or through a startup loan company.

You might not always have to pay for a coach/mentor, but just having one will prove to be a smart investment. They will tease out your entrepreneurial skills and discover any gaps before you finally commit yourself to that dream…

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