Hashtags are an important part of a good social media marketing strategy, but what’s the proper way of using them?

How to use hashtags for social media marketing

Getting into Social Media can be a challenge.

What to say or who to even talk to online may not be easy to decide.The basics are pretty simple and the same ideas are used in the real world.

Let’s take this into the real world. What do you wear when you go outside?

If it is a tang-top your advertising yourself to the fitness world, or maybe even to the girls that are attracted to muscles.

The way we present ourselves to the world, the way we communicate our ideas and express our beliefs is a hashtag in a sense.

Hashtags and clothing communicate a message to the target market that you would like to talk to

Using the wrong hashtags or clothing will cost you the conversation now and most likely in the future.

Social media marketing and hashtags

The main question a brand or user may want to ask themselves is what’s the goal they should pursue with their social media marketing strategy before starting with hashtags.

The metrics for Twitter’s analytics include Impressions, detail expands, media engagements, likes, and retweets.

Brand visibility

If brand visibility is your goal, then impressions are the way to go without a lot of work.

Impressions show the number of users that see your tweet, or message. For impressions, the more hashtags used, the more people will see the message, but engagement will most likely falter after two or three.

Engagement metrics

Detail expands has the name of itself, an active user clicks to reveal the full message you are trying to portray and often times goes unnoticed until further analytics search on your account. Media engagements are much the same, a click on the photo you have included within your tweet.

Likes & retweets are the visual metrics left on a tweet and are normally the more challenging ones to get. This is where brand visibility comes into play when you have a balance between hashtags and engagement on your account.

Using the proper hashtags can portray the correct message to the market and create retweets and likes.

Retweets dramatically increase your messages power showing it to your followers and whoever shared the tweet to their own followers.

Retweets are the best way to grow an account without having your engagement suffer due to multiple hashtag syndrome

The use of live hashtags

One of the problems that we have with social media marketing and hashtags, is that we use channels with no backing behind them.

If we use a hashtag with no one listening, then we waste one of our two hashtags (ideally) and therefore weaken our own message before it even tries to trend.

One of the best places to find active hashtags with a large following would be RiteTag and beyond finding a good one, the website/application will show you similar hashtags that trend with it.

An overall theme

Social media marketing is a lot of fun. Using the proper channels and the number of hashtags depending on your overall goal can be the most effective method of growing an account, developing a loyal customer base, or simply call the attention to your brand.

Moving forward and becoming more advanced with Twitter and other social media platforms is a challenge. But with practice it becomes natural and muscle memory will take over with time.

Are hashtags a part of your social media marketing strategy? Do you use them properly or you maybe have some tips to share? Don’t be shy and leave a comment in the section below!

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