Employee recognition awards are a good way to keep employees motivated and working full speed.

But, how can you be one of those awarded employees?

How to stand out at work to get employee recognition awards

A lot of people struggle with apathy at their work – recent data indicates that the number is roughly 70%.

This often leads to your workplace being full of people who really do not want to be there. It is easy to be tempted to copy them.

After all, if everyone is unhappy, do not we have the right to be so as well? However, when every worker is happy is precisely the time when you can profit by doing the opposite thing they are.

Why? Bosses are always looking to award the people who plunge through obstacles, rather than whine about them.

Moving through obstacles makes you rich

Billionaire Sam Walton identifies his success with Walmart as being rooted in his commitment to making his team swim upstream. 

Going against the popular crew who hates their job may not be easy, but it is quite rewarding to the few who do it. Unlike what many people perceive, success does not just happen.

Success is built through measured discipline and commitment to doing what other people are scared to try

Thinking of the things that are holding your coworkers back like laziness, gossip, ignorance, incompetence, and deception, can help you.


Try doing the opposite. Work hard, don’t gossip, be intelligent, competent, and honest. People who practice all these traits often have better career success than those who do not.

Some of these traits might be optional. However, trying to minimize your similarity to the failures around you is very helpful.

Practicing responsibility builds work ethic

Being the employee that consistently goes the extra mile without being asked is a good habit for building character. A lot of people do not like to help each other.


Because we are persistently selfish creatures. Helping others without complaint is unusual, and will, for sure, make you more effective than most people.

Bosses are often overtaxed, and they are usually doing more than their fair share of work. If you volunteer for work that other people are snoozing over, you will see bosses noticing you more rapidly.

It is not easy, but it is rewarding

Recognition awards for workers

People who choose to delay gratification now for rewards later are better adjusted to life. Their bosses give them employee recognition awards. They become more financially successful. 

There are multiple areas where we can practice delaying gratification. Usually, in a workplace environment, these areas are mostly practical. Disciplined workers willing to work late are the future managers. 

Now, sadly, these same people often have little sympathy for the natural weaknesses of their less disciplined colleagues.

Some psychologists say we can train everything to have an equal level of delayed recognition awards. Others believe our ability to delay gratification is partly genetic and varies per person.

Finding a job you enjoy that challenges you is a good balance for growth


It may not feel fun to pick up the slack for slow people. However, the people who do that today become the managers of the future.

While your coworkers are sighing and complaining about obstacles, take up the courage and keep working hard. Your bosses will eventually notice you and promote you.

After all, they do not want incompetence rising to the top. Neither should we tolerate incompetence in our own work life.

Knowing what we are naturally suited to do can help us have more motivation for jumping into our work each day with a smile.

Do you pick up the slack when nobody else does? Do you stand out at work? Leave your opinion in the comments below and let me know!

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