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Apply here for the Campus for Finance: Private Equity Conference 2015.

Campus for Finance 2015 Private Equity Conference is one of two conferences that take place every year at WHU Otto-Bescheim School of Management. The purpose of the event is to bring influencers and top executives from the financial world together with the students all over the world interested in private equity and also in finance in general.

This year, there are three broad topics will be covered during the conference. Those include:

  1. Circling Around The Same Targets – How To Achieve Attractive Returns At High Valuations?
  2. The Changing Role Of LPs: New Competition Through Increasing Shadow Capital
  3. From Profitability To Growth – Is There A Shift From Private Equity To Venture Capital Investments?

The Private Equity industry suffered from the financial crisis and attracted significantly less investments than a decade ago. According to the European Venture Capital Association, Private Equity funding has seen a decline from 80bn EUR in 2007-2008 till 20bn EUR in 2009-2012. While 2013 was a year of the recovery, the future remains unclear. On top of that, private equity companies have to buy at high valuations and make sure acquired companies will be sold at higher prices. Mounting “dry powder” – or unused investment capital – adds pressure to PE firms to look for investment opportunities. It such an environment, new sources for generating alpha should be found. And fast.

At the same time VC firms have enjoyed a rise in the investments inflow, with more VC-backed companies emerging from the Silicon Valley or Berlin. University graduates as well as former management consultants and other professional service providers are getting involved with building startups. The negative image of Private Equity, propagated by the media, is not assisting the PE recovery either, while VC firms have been proclaimed as “catalysts for growth and innovation”.

During the conference, best practices and alpha-detection strategies as well as ways to address current and upcoming challenges in the PE industry will be discussed.

High-calibre speakers will represent such companies as KKR, Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd., Mangrove Capital Partners, BlackRock Asset Management Switzerland, PAI Partners, Technische Universität München, and Lincoln International.

The application deadline is March 1, 2015. Private Equity Conference takes place on March 26 and 27, 2015. Venue: Burgplatz 2, 56179 Vallendar, Germany.
To apply, visit the official website of the conference.


  1. Hi Arthur! How are you? Just saw that you shared the Private Equity Conferece. Did you already go there? I wanted some feedback to know if it’s really worth it to go from Barcelona

  2. SaraCrespoo Hi Sara! Great to hear from you! 

    Yes, I went there last year, and I applied this year, too. Content-wise, the conference includes speeches, panel discussion and workshops. If you want to get to know the influencers in the PE industry, see whether career opportunities in the Private Equity suit you, I find this would be a great way to do this. 

    You can also apply for a travel stipend.


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