Dates: December 6-7, 2016 | Register here
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Location: Miami, The United States

American Water Summit 2016

Is the future of the North American water industry going to be based on the established relationships between customers and suppliers, or should we move to a new model of partnerships in order to thrive?

It is a crucial question for 2016. The prolonged drought in California, the outrage surrounding the Flint lead contamination, and the bitter politics of the election cycle have thrown up new challenges to add to the longer term issues of aging infrastructure, reduced federal financial support and expectations of better environmental stewardship.

The solutions are not the same ones that the engineering firms, technology suppliers, contract operators, bankers, and contractors have been selling for years. They don’t exist yet: if they did we wouldn’t still have these problems today.

We need new solutions and these are only going to come about by catalyzing collaboration. That is the theme of this year’s American Water Summit.

We need to bring the public, private and industrial water sectors closer together to form new partnerships, sharing an understanding of the objectives, developing new approaches and ultimately sharing value between all partners.

Big data, big cities workshop: Empowering the digital utility

New technologies from smart meters to on-line water quality sensors have the potential to either transform the productivity of the water utility sector or overwhelm it with terabytes of data.

This half day workshop aims to ensure that the digital revolution empowers water utilities. To do this we must align the multitude of hardware, software, and data management service providers currently battling across a series of niche markets into a coherent vision for the digital utility.

Roundtables Session

Insight leaders will lead 20 tightly focused roundtable discussion groups on trends and developments in water, wastewater and industrial water treatment, water re-use, produced water, P3s, private finance, project delivery, and more.

Each delegate will be able to participate in three 25-minute discussion groups to engage with the top minds in the water market.

One-2-One Meetings

Schedule private meetings with other delegates via the web application. Now you can guarantee to shake the hands you need to shake and ensure your ROI.

Your Guided Tour of the Everglades

This year, The American Water Summit is partnering with the Everglades Foundation to give delegates an up close and personal tour of the Greater Everglades ecosystem of Florida!

Everglades Foundation CEO Eric Eikenberg is confirmed as the lunch speaker on day two. During lunch, Mr. Eikenberg will deliver a presentation on the foundation’s mission and offer information on the George Barley Water Prize.

After lunch, delegates who registered for the tour will be transported to an off-site location, where they will board airboats that will take them on a guided tour of the Everglades.

Transportation to and from the tour will be provided.

Register here.

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