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Period: 2-6 months
Location: various sites in Germany and abroad

Daimler Internships

Learning the theory is great. But there comes a time when you need to gain some practical experience. Daimler internship in Germany or abroad can offer you this.

What do you want to learn?

What kind of challenges do you want to get to grips with? Whether it’s the alternative engine technologies of tomorrow, or manufacturing efficiency, negotiation skills for purchasing, or fleet management finance options, our range of internships is as broad as you’d expect from a global technology leader.


Daimler offers internships at various sites in Germany and abroad.

So it’s really up to you whether the first words you’ll hear every day are “Guten Morgen”, “Good Morning” or “Buenos Días”.

But whichever internship you choose, and wherever it is, you’ll be stimulated and supported from the outset and given real projects to work on as part of a team. An internship opens up a world of opportunity and perspectives. It may even be the first step in a long-term career.

The details

You can do an internship either before or during your degree. If you are applying for a pre-course or initial internship, you must supply a copy of the program for your chosen course.

For an internship during your studies, you’ll need a valid enrollment certificate as well as any other documents that we may require. For an internship that forms an integral part of your degree, you’ll also need confirmation from your university

Internships generally last two to six months. Remuneration depends on the type of internship and the labour regulations in the relevant country.

If your internship is based in the Stuttgart region, your mentor may be able to organise accommodation at a Daimler-owned residence, depending on its availability. This type of accommodation is cost-effective, but not free: you have to pay a portion of the costs yourself.

You can apply for a Daimler internship at any time. Applications are made online. The positions are normally advertised on the Daimler careers website two to six months before the start of the internship.

Pre-study internships

If the entry requirements of your chosen course include completing a pre-course or initial internship, then Daimler is an ideal companion to help you, provided you’re flexible, motivated and a good team player.

You’ll get real insights into the organisational and production processes of a global automotive manufacturer. Working in the production areas and/or the training centre, you’ll get your first taste of professional life. You’ll get the experience in different departments that are highly relevant to your area of study.

In this way, they’ll ensure your internship meets the guidelines set out by your college or university. And you’ll have a dedicated mentor to answer your questions and deal with any requests.

The positions for pre-study internships are regularly advertised on the Daimler careers website.

Internships during your degree

If there is an area of your studies that has particularly interested you, why not explore it further in practice? And, at the same time, put the theory you have learned to the test.

An internship at Daimler involves exciting briefs and demanding projects. Needless to say, you’ll be a reliable and highly motivated team player who is quick to learn.


Work as part of a team, with clearly defined goals and in innovative subject areas. Whether you’re working on new types of engine, new finance models, or clean-air urban mobility concepts, every department at Daimler offers challenging projects.

Daimler Student Partnership

Based on the duration of your studies – up to a maximum of 15 months – and your experience to date, your individual program is agreed between you and your dedicated HR contact.

Daimler portfolio includes training, webinars, events, field trips and coaching as well as assistance finding practical placements and the ideal place to write your thesis. Maybe the guidance of a departmental mentor or a former program member is just right for you?

Make the most of your internship or thesis placement and convince them of your potential as the basis for your future within the Daimler Student Partnership.

You’ll need to be highly motivated and passionate about mobility. And have top grades in a technical or commercial discipline or in IT. If you’ve had the chance to carry out a semester or an internship abroad that’s even better.

Dissertation at Daimler

Make the most of your thesis. Work on it at Daimler. They’ll suggest a subject. And you’ll work on a live project with one of our development, manufacturing, or commercial business areas.

Daimler can offer know-how, expertise, valuable experience and the chance to broaden your knowledge and your interpersonal skills. They’ll provide tailored support while you’re writing your thesis and help you both on a professional and personal level.

You should have above-average grades and ideally be studying engineering, science, IT, or business-related subjects and have already completed specialist placements. Placements vary in duration depending on the complexity of the subject and the conditions set by your examinations office.

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