Dates: September 4-8, 2017 | Register here
starting from EUR 250,-
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Fullstack Fest 2017

A week-long full stack development conference with a focus on solving current problems with new & inspiring perspectives.


Fullstack Fest is putting the languages aside to put a strong focus on the technologies behind them and the problems they’re trying to solve. At its core, the conference retains its soul: A single-track, curated, deeply technical event featuring the best speakers and industry leaders worldwide.


  • Devops & Infrastructure
  • Software architecture
  • UX & The Browser
  • Beyond The Web

30 inspiring talks on…

  1. The Rise of the Web
  2. The Next Billion Devices
  3. IoT
  4. Serverless
  5. AI Ethics
  6. Browser Performance
  7. SVG & JS
  8. Infrastructure as Code
  9. Blockchain
  10. PRPL
  11. Deep Learning
  12. Chaos Management
  13. Terraform
  14. WEBVR
  15. Progressive Web Apps
  16. Decentralized Networks
  17. Type Systems
  18. Full-Stack Databases
  19. CSS in JS
  20. REACT
  21. ES6
  22. CSS Houdini
  23. React Native
  24. WEBGL
  25. Ethereum
  26. A-Frame
  27. Distributed Web
  28. WEBRTC
  29. Security
  30. The Second Internet

Why attend?

  • No commercial / sponsored talks: The speakers are chosen by their skills, not their companies.
  • Personal care to speakers: Fullstack Fest make sure they feel taken care of and give the best of themselves on stage: airport pickup, 4-star hotel, expenses covered.
  • Curated list of best speakers worldwide: The organisers spend a lot of time choosing not only the best speakers, but also the best balance.
  • All talks recorded and published for free: Why keep it just to ourselves?
  • Reasonably priced tickets: Access to high-quality, top-notch talks shouldn’t be just for big corporations; we don’t want money to be the reason not to attend.
  • Great atmosphere & attention to detail: A great environment that helps you focus in what’s important is paramount to guarantee a great learning experience.
  • Code of conduct: We ensure everyone gets treated with respect. Check our Code of Conduct.
  • They listen to feedback: We’ve kept improving over the years thanks to the incredibly valuable suggestions from everyone involved.
  • Blind CFP selection: Fullstack Fest has a multi-phase, blind speaker selection that ensures we get the most diversity by looking at the content and delivery, not who’s behind it.
  • Lightning talks: Getting new people on the stage is paramount to keep the conference ecosystem in shape. We have a reserved slot where anyone can jump in and speak their mind.
  • Amazing and comfortable venue with an auditorium: No one wants to spend two days sitting all that in a cheap plastic chair!
  • Single track: Multi-track conferences are a double- edge sword. While they seem to provide more variety, they present too many choices that can end up being frustrating. We want our attendees not to worry about anything and share a common experience they can further discuss at the halls or in the parties. It also forces us to ensure every single talk is amazing

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