Dates: December 5-6, 2019 | Register here
Prices: starting from GBP 100,-
Location: London, the United Kingdom


INCORME – IV is a high profile event in London. The conference consists of presentations, panel discussions, product displays, business showcases and networking. Speakers and panels comprise of CEOs, Directors, Decision Makers, Industry Thought Leaders, Technology Experts and Distinguished Academics.

Why attend?

INCORME brings over attendees from around the globe to explore, to exchange and to enhance business dynamics and competitiveness stemming from the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Digitisation.

These technologies are fast evolving and being catalysts of disruptions they present multi-billion business opportunities and niche domains which are yet to be fully unlocked.

INCORME – IV leads all of us to know whether the technologies or CEOs decide the Future!

INCORME – IV is dedicated to understanding and exploring strategic avenues these technologies can bring from multiple perspectives of industry-leading executives and technology practitioners offering specific foresight about global challenges and its human-centred advantages and implications.

The spotlight focus is on consumers adopting technologies into searching, buying, selling, trading, travelling, paying, learning, studying, living, driving, treating, helping, exercising and communicating.

Who should attend?

INCORME – IV will be attended by senior or top-level executives who are government ministers, regulators, policymakers, bankers, manufacturers, hardware and software developers and suppliers, mobile, telecommunication and computing power providers, innovators and entrepreneurs, information technology and big data providers, fin-tech and digitisation innovators, AI, VR and AR providers, researchers and academics.

More reasons to attend

  • Explore the disruptive technologies’ landscape and their role into business dynamics
  • Exchange and discover how strategic decision making and changes work whilst consolidating disruptors and disruptions
  • Learn from and debate with CEOs about future of business dynamics amid these new technology waves
  • Enhance and envision the future shaped by these new technologies
  • Gain opportunity to meet top management executives in one place
  • Benefit from one to one and group networking enabling new business development
  • Offers available on products and services from sponsors and partners

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