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Price: Free entry
Eligibility: Open to BA, MA, and PhD students from any and all institutions
Location: London, The United Kingdom

KCL World History Student Conference 2017

The KCL World History Student Conference, now in its second year, is a student-led project developed to offer a platform where undergraduate and postgraduate students can meet and discuss their research.

A whole-day student conference in the heart of London

The Conference is open to students from all levels of higher education (BAs, MAs, and PhDs), who are interested in World History.

The conference will host 25 students coming, among others, from Mexico, Singapore, France, Nigeria, Italy, China and the US.

The WHSC is the first conference of its kind on World and Global History in London, and one of the first in Europe. Following the example of other graduate conferences from other subjects, we want to provide a platform in which students from all over the world can network and interact in a friendly, but stimulating, environment.

The Conference, being an international venue, will benefit its participants in different ways. For those who are interested in the subject, the WHSC is the perfect event to discover different researches and perspectives from all over the world. At the same time, if you are a student interested in pursuing an academic career, this is the chance to meet and network with future colleagues.

Furthermore, the primary concern is to start a wide discussion on the core tenants of World History. As the subject becomes more and more popular among scholars and History Departments, students and future scholars will need more platforms like the WHSC to discuss and debate the development within the field.

Thanks to the positive feedback received for the 2016 WHSC, this year an even more diverse and variegated group of panelists, who will help to have this crucial conversation have been attached.


  • Urban Studies
  • Transnational ideologies
  • History of Science
  • Labour History
  • Othering
  • Internationalism

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