Dates: October 25-28, 2020 | Register here
Location: Online

LavaCon UX 2020

LavaCon started in Hawaii to help senior content professionals leverage rapidly changing authoring and publishing technologies.

However, LavaCon is more than just a conference. It’s a gathering place where industry professionals share best practices and lessons learned, network with peers, and build professional relationships that will last for years to come.

This year, LavaCon is going virtual

In addition to a fantastic lineup of industry leaders, the event is keeping all the networking, social interactions, music, food, and parades, just like if you were physically in New Orleans!

LavaCon is known for being immersive, inclusive, and responsive to attendee feedback.

It aims to create a highly immersive virtual conference in which attendees find their tribe and enhance their skills, which they then use to make a difference with their team, their organization, their customers, and more.

Other interactive events we might include

  • Welcome reception (Zoom or VR). If we go the VR route for this, we would start the reception as a Zoom experience so everyone is on a level playing field, and finish with an after-party in the VR space. A virtual LavaCon themed room could be constructed. Folks could join using the cardboard VR eadsets OR in 2-d from their computer (little effort required).
  • Chat rooms and Slack channels
  • Attendees can create their own meeting rooms to discuss particular topics
  • Morning chats before the conference start
  • A “library” where speakers and sponsors can post links to whitepapers, podcasts they recommend, and so on
  • A virtual bookstore
  • A chat room where attendees post the favorite thing they learned that day
  • Post-session discussion rooms. Set up a room for each featured speaker, where the speaker can answer questions, go into more detail, and so on
  • Game night, talent night, storytelling night, trivia night, virtual escape room, and so on
  • Job seeker’s lounge (hosted by ProSpring Technical Staffing)
  • A relaxation lounge with lots of LIVE puppy streams
  • Guided yoga or meditation in the morning
  • Guided exercise break from an exercise instructor
  • Live jazz music playing during the reception, perhaps also during breaks
  • Ambient conference noise playing in the exhibit hall
  • Shorten the length of each program day. For example, run 8am Pacifc to 2pm Pacific so people on the Eastern Time can break and prepare dinner for their families. That will extend the number of days we run the conference. If we go all the way to Halloween, we could costume that day, have a Best Costume contest, and so on. We could include Halloween candy in the swag bag. Candy corn anyone?
  • At one LavaCon, makeup artists were brought in to do face painting on Halloween. Attendees can submit a headshot and we’ll have Photoshop artists do the face painting!
  • A hangout networking spot that attendees can drop into all day in between talks (moderated or unmoderated). Got a few minutes before your next session? Drop in and see who’s in the networking room. Could do this both in Zoom and VR.
    There is an online tool for creating mind maps available so that attendees can create the History of Publishing or another mind map.

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