Dates: September 19-21, 2017 | Register here
Deadline for online registrations: September 18, 2017
Prices: Access to Paris Retail Week is free for any person providing an electronic badge. On-site registration: EUR 50,-
Location: Paris, France

Paris Retail Week 2017

Following the success of the first joint E-Commerce Paris and Digital(in)Store event in 2015, and then a second show in 2016 which also included Equipmag, this third event will reinforce the synergies between offline and online retailing.

It will, therefore, present a complete overview of future challenges for the retail sector and will provide an informed perspective on the expectations which the mature and connected customer will have of chains, brands and e-merchants.

Between 19 and 21 September 2017, Paris Retail Week will showcase French Expertise and will be the only event in Europe which addresses the omni-channel problems associated with 360° retail.

Paris Retail Week brings together in a single event:

  • E-Commerce Paris, the biggest cross-channel event anywhere in Europe
  • and Digital(in)Store, the leading trade show devoted to the digitisation of points of sale and distribution.


Paris Retail Week 2017 will give professionals from the retail sector a global vision of the challenges facing their sector during 3 intense days of business, networking and presentations.

The biggest event of its kind in France, it will provide solutions, services and products for professionals from the sector who are looking for innovative service providers in the following areas:

  • IT for Retailing
  • Payment Solutions
  • Marketing, Data and Customer Relations
  • Logistics, e-Logistics
  • Point of sale digitisation
  • Consultancy Businesses

In addition to the areas where exhibitors will display their products and services, Paris Retail Week will also host a Start-Ups Village featuring young companies offering the most innovative retail solutions.

And, to complete the provision, exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to hold individual Business Meetings.


Paris Retail Week is also:

  • A unique opportunity to attend a range of free high-level conferences: Solutions Workshops organised by exhibitors, such as Plenary Conferences and Keynotes, featuring renowned French and international experts.
  • The Paris Retail Awards which reward the best innovations in the sector (open to non-exhibitors)
  • The Paris Retail Tours – a chance to visit Parisian shops at the cutting edge of high-tech and design
  • Partner events
  • A networking evening

And much more!


Data brings an increasingly detailed knowledge of the consumer, new exploratory fields; data enables a tailored approach of him as an individual, at any time of the day.

Facing a great deal of individuality, each consumer wants to be treated differently from the other, needs to feel unique. Hence, the knowledge of that consumer needs to be more and more accurate.

Therefore, consumer data collection cannot be controverted if brands use our habits and expectations to create value and profit, in a friendly and trustworthy environment.

This brings us back to the basics: we address “real” people, in respect of their individuality in a win-win relationship.

Tools, speeches, orchestration, everything must be useful either to the product, the purchase itself or the brand experience.

From shops that don’t sell, flagships to augmented reality, brands rethink retail to help the consumers, and try not to cross the fine line between the shared experience and the personal space invasion.

Customers play the part: being influencers for products, business-setters in their own community, and also marketing content producers. In any case, they are or could be actors in all the steps of the consumption process.

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