Deadline: November 27, 2018 12:00 CET| Apply here
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Eligibility: Teams size must be no more than five students (part/ full-time student status at the time of submission). There is no limit to the number of teams that may compete from any given University or organization

Student Design Challenge 2018

Building on the theme of the conference (Post-digital Design) the Student Design Challenge encourages submissions of the ‘magical mundane’ and invites exploration of the commonplace technologies of ‘tomorrows world’.

Post-digital Design

Visions of the future often place emphasis on magical technologies that radically alter our way of life and cure all problems; for instance great distances travelled in a matter of seconds, robots to perform unwanted chores, or food magically appearing upon request.

Though previously fictional, now handheld devices can immediately access the world’s knowledge, from any location, are commonplace; these once seemingly magical have become, perhaps, largely mundane.

Mark Weiser’s seminal article on “The Computer for the 21st century” introduced us to the “world of tomorrow” for the 1990’s through the life of Sal, whose fictional life is now nearly our own reality. But who is Sal’s grandchild and what does their life look like?

Who should apply?

Student teams are invited to reflect on how we use yesterday’s magical technologies today and envision examples of how tomorrow’s magical tangible, embedded, and embodied technologies might be explored in an article about the “The Computer for the 22nd century”.

The competition is looking for exciting demonstrations that show creativity, inspiration, and feasibility in future possibilities.

Successful entries will be those that show the inspiration for future technologies that blend ambition and utility with consideration toward revisiting pre-computational designs or through post-digital materials.

The student design competition must produce an artefact to be shown at the conference that will embody/explain visions of a technology for Sal’s grandkids.


There will be three prizes awarded

  • Best presentation of demonstration (Juried)
  • Best technological contribution (Juried)
  • Audience choice (Attendee voted)

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