Dates: April 12-13, 2017 | Register here
Prices: starting from USD 795,-
Location: San Francisco, The United States

Topo Revenue Summit 2017

Topo Revenue Summit is an intensive, engaging learning experience that brings together sales leaders from high growth companies to share specific best practices, patterns, and plays for driving scalable revenue growth.

Join Topo Revenue Summit to see firsthand how the world’s best sales organizations drive higher conversion rates, larger average deal sizes, and shorter sales cycles.

  • 30+ sessions and workshops
  • 2 days of intensive learning
  • 4 high impact tracks
  • 250+ of the world’s fastest growing companies
  • 600+ attendees representing over $50B in revenue

Learn exactly what the world’s best sales and marketing organizations do to drive exceptional revenue growth

  • The Best Sales Leaders
    Meet the sales leaders responsible for revenue at 100s of high growth companies.
  • Topics that Matter
    Dedicated tracks in areas like inside sales, sales development, and sales technology.
  • Specificity Wins
    In-depth sessions and workshops on specific best practices and plays that drive revenue growth.

4 dedicated tracks with 30+ sessions covering:

  • Sales leadership
  • Inside sales
  • Sales development
  • Sales technology

The Summit Agenda

Spend two days learning from the world’s fastest growing sales organizations. With over 30 sessions and deep-­dive workshops, you’ll learn about sales strategy, plays, organizational design, technology, and metrics.

  • Access over 30 tracks, workshops, and sessions
  • Enjoy breakfast, lunch, snacks, and other great food
  • Network with 100s of sales leaders from high growth companies
  • Get your wristband to the epic Summit Bash
  • Enjoy prizes, giveaways, and other surprises

Across 4 high impact tracks, you’ll learn about:

  • Sales Leadership
    See how sales leaders design, build and manage their sales organizations and Chief Revenue Officers and VPs of Sales drive scalable, repeatable revenue growth. These sales leaders will share exactly how they design, build, and manage their sales organizations.
  • Sales Development
    Learn how sales development is driving pipeline and
    revenue at high growth companies. Sales development has become a mission-critical piece of the revenue chain. Learn about proven inbound and outbound tactics, hiring and coaching programs, and strategic process design.
  • Sales Technology
    Learn how new technologies are changing how we sell and
    how they can help you grow faster and about the new sales tech stacks that high growth teams are adopting. It’s not just about CRM anymore-it’s about using software to power just about everything that sales does.
  • Sales Effectiveness
    Discover the plays and tactics that the world’s best sales reps use. Learn about plays and tactics, such as discovery and demo, used by the best sales reps to achieve higher conversion rates, faster sales cycles, and larger average deal sizes.

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