Dates: September 28-30, 2017 | Register here
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

EuroIA Summit 2017

The EuroIA Summit is the leading Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) conference for Europe.

It is organised by a team of volunteers every year in September, in a different European city. EuroIA 2017, in Stockholm, will be the 13th edition.

Milestones for the community

Having such a long-standing relationship with the Information Architecture and User Experience community, EuroIA has seen and hosted, some of the defining moments in the progression of the industry and the way we work.

Doing so, EuroIA embraced topics from user research to testing and analysis, content modeling, creative workshops or skills management. They also made plenty of time to enjoy drinks, make friends, play the piano and sing songs.

Over the past 13 years, the participants have seen inspirational talks from some of the most prestigious teams in the industry.

They’ve been given insight into large organisations such as Apple, Google, eBay, Philips, Samsung, Ikea and the BBC. While also sharing some of the practices used by agencies like Adaptive Path, Sapient Nitro, Lbi, FatDux, Razorfish and Netlife Research.

On the stage, EuroIA hosted individuals like Luke Wroblewski, Lisa Welchman, Abby Covert, and Gerry McGovern sharing their opinions on the way we work. Not to mention non-profits and academic members of the community such as the University of Cambridge, the European Union and the United Nations.

EuroIA has always focussed on providing an intersection between organisations large and small, showcasing ideas and practices from academic research as well as industrial case studies.

Adaptation and designing for change

People adapt to their physical environments all the time, and those physical spaces themselves are constantly being adapted to suit peoples’ changing needs. The same is true for how we interact with information spaces.

EuroIA 2017 wants to explore this idea of information architecture and adaptation. Both the adaptation of information spaces to peoples’ continuously transforming needs, and also the changes we can influence and encourage through our designs.

Let’s not forget our need as professionals to adapt to new information technologies, as well. Our playing field is constantly in flux.

IA & UX practitioners and people from other fields of practice are encouraged to submit their views on the topics related to:

  • the relationship between physical architecture and information architecture
  • designing for mixed or augmented realities, and the information they hold
  • the development of resilience and antifragility in what we make
    responsibility and ethics, and our changing role as designers and architects
  • while we think about change and adaptation, how might we consider sustainability in design?
  • the extension of this topic into organisational change by design, and where we fit in

Välkommen in Stockholm

EuroIA goes to Stockholm, the Capital of Scandinavia, one of the most connected, environmentally friendly and creative cities in the world.

EuroIA 2017 will take place at Elite Hotel Marina Tower, situated in a historic mill on the waterfront, only a few minutes from the city centre.

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