Deadline: May 2016 | Apply here
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Dates: May 26 & 27
Eligibility: Age of 18 or older
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Showcase Your Startup at TNW Conference

Get your startup in front of more than 10,000 of the world’s technology entrepreneurs, leaders, venture capitalists and press at this year’s TNW Conference in Amsterdam.

The TNW Conference

TNW Conference is a 2-day technology festival that brings together international technology executives, top-tier investors and promising startups for two days of business, knowledge sharing and the best time you’ve ever had. Over the past 10 editions TNW Conference has grown from a 200-person event to one of the leading technology events, bringing together 10,000 attendees a day and 3,000 companies from all over the world.

On May 26 & 27, this year, the city of Amsterdam plays host to the 11th annual TNW Conference, a technology gathering that brings together the world’s top technology leaders, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. Inspiring keynote talks and endless networking opportunities are tied together by more than 8 stages, 300 exhibitor pavilions and a week full of satellite events about the future of technology, innovation, marketing, communication and imagination.

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Your conference pass secures you access to 2 days of content across 8 stages. From marketers and designer developers to leaders, policy makers and philosophers – they’ve got every aspect of our future covered. Get your ticket here.

Stage 1

A glimpse into the future of technology and business.

  • Global Trends in Tech and Business
  • The Secrets to supercharging your Productivity
  • The Workplace of the Future
  • How New Technologies Will Change your Business

Stage 2

Success Stories, Product Development, Venture Capital, Startup Lessons and Startup Presentations.

  • Success stories from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors
  • Startup lessons in PR, Marketing, Sales & Community
  • Product development and building for Rapid Growth
  • Investment 101: raising funds, contracts and best practices
  • Boost: 30 growth stage startups present their company

Stage 3

Wearables, Internet of Things, Gadgets, Connected Vehicles, Home Automation, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence.

  • The Connected Vehicle: When the IoT meets transportation
  • Showcasing the future of space, robotics, and VR & AR
  • The Artificial Intelligence debate: threat or opportunity?
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality as a business case
  • Watches, Glasses & Cameras: Experts talk Wearables

Stage 4

Ad:tech, Marketing, Social Media, SEM, SEO, Media, Community.

  • The good, the bad and the ugly of SEO
  • How Social, Data, and Measurement are changing marketing
  • Digital focus: trends driving the future of marketing
  • Building and growing an active community around your brand
  • Content marketing: how to do it right.

Stage 5

Fintech, Crowdfunding, Marketplaces, Banking, Peer to Peer lending and Cryptocurrencies.

  • Threats and opportunities for the financial services sector
  • What happens next in crowdfunding and peer to peer lending
  • Money, Money, Money: Disruptive startups changing Fintech
  • Outlook on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency services
  • The future of banking: digitally disrupted or reimagined?

alphagamma Showcase Your Startup at TNW Conference 2016 entrepreneurship finance opportunities millennials

Stage 6

Smart Cities, Public Health, Cleantech, Energy, Social Good, Solving Real World Problems

  • Experiences in building smart cities and governments
  • Companies addressing social problems with technology
  • Latest innovations in biotech and sustainability
  • Security and The Future of your Online Identity
  • Key Insights: visionaries addressing global issues

Stage 7

Mobile & Web Development, UX Design, JavaScript, Frameworks, Open Source and Hack Battle Demo’s

  • Experts discuss the Future of Web/Mobile Programming
  • Getting practical: Do’s and Don’ts of UI and UX Design
  • Building and Designing the Apps of the future
  • Experiences in Open Source tools and frameworks
  • Hack Battle: Teams present their hacks after 36+ hours

Stage 8

Sharing Economy, Access Economy, On-Demand Economy, Peer-to-Peer, Sharing City, Trust and Co-sumerism

  • Shaping the Sharing Economy: can we make it sustainable?
  • Trust as a currency: taking control of reviews and reputation
  • How the insurance industry is re-inventing itself since 150 years
  • Peer-to-business-to-peer: business models linking ‘old’ and ‘new’
  • Co-sumerism: citizens becoming serial micro-entrepreneurs

Pitch your startup to 10,000 attendees at TNW Conference

Each week there are selected companies for their startup programs: Boost and Bootstrap. And each year they select around 200 startups to join our Boost program and get a startup booth to present in the business area for 1 day. Both are designed to maximize your access to the capital, customers and coverage you need. Apply now for the opportunity to pitch to forward-thinking corporates and influencers, take part in curated one-on-one investor meetings, exhibit at a premium demo booth, and take advantage of the most affordable way of taking part in TNW Conference.

Pitch your startup to 10,000 attendees

Aside from being the most affordable way for a young company to attend TNW Conference, both of their programs offer fantastic perks.

Boost & Bootstrap perks

  • CONFERENCE TICKETS: The Bootstrap Package includes 3 full conference tickets, the Boost Package includes 4 tickets.
  • INVESTOR MEETINGS: Curated one-on-one meetings are scheduled with investors by TNW on your behalf.
  • SUBMIT PITCH DECK: We’ll share your pitch deck with the 200+ attending investors prior to the start of the conference.
  • LAUNCHPAD MEETUPS: Priority selection for pitching your startup at Launchpad Meetups inside HQ’s of Corporates.
  • EXHIBITOR BOOTH: Get a 1-day high production value startup booth, to connect with press, investors and early adopters.

Boost program only

  • BOOST DEMO DAY: Present your startup during 1 of 10 sector specific Boost Pitch Days in Amsterdam on May 25th.
  • FEATURED ON TNW: Mentioned in 1 article on prior to the start of TNW Conference.

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