Deadline: March 5, 2017 | Apply here
April-August 2017
 young entrepreneurs between 16-25 years old
Oslo, Norway

Young Sustainable Impact 2017

Young Sustainable Impact is a place to bring together the greatest young entrepreneurs from all over the world to create, prototype and implement real solutions to the 17 UN sustainable development goals.

It’s an organization empowering youth to solve the sustainability challenges of the 21st century. After witnessing the Paris conference unfold, a group of Norwegian youngsters felt inspired to create their own conference.

Now, one year later they have teams in 4 countries and representatives from 25 countries still working towards one vision:

bringing the greatest youth together to actually create change

YSI 2017

At Young Sustainable Impact, you will meet with other young professionals around the world to solve the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.

They’re called earthpreneurs.

An Earthpreneur is a person that wants to create a livelihood of helping the earth trough solutions, technology or organizations. You will work on one or more sustainable development goals through creating a startup.

If you get chosen after the three application rounds you will commit to an innovation program from April until August. In a group of 5, you will choose which development goals you will like to help solve by creating a startup.

  • INSIGHTS: Gaining insights into the different aspects of the problems you have identified within the SDGs.
  • IDENTIFICATION: Deep-diving into the SDGs your team has decided upon. Here you will seek out the different problems within the sustainable goals
  • IDEA GENERATING: In this phase, your team will come up with a lot of ideas, before you land on the concept you all are excited about. Then you will develop this concept. In the YSI Innovation program, you will go through a step by step process to get the best results as a team. The program runs from April – august with follow up after to ensure impact.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: And as all creative ideas – it`s not an innovation before it`s in the market and changing the life of others.

Program overview

  • Hours weekly: From April – August: 3-15 hours. Some weeks will contain workshops and a bit more to do than others.
  • April: Teambuilding, learn about creative collaboration and find the development goal you want to work on.
  • May: The first process of the innovation program starts. You will identify different problems within each development goal. At the end of the month, you will, as a team, find the problems you would like to solve.
  • June: Based on the problems you identified in may you will use your and YSI`s network and the internet to gather insights into the top problems.
  • July: Here you will learn more about entrepreneurship, collaboration and slowly begin discussing ideas.
  • August: It`s the big month! You will to Oslo and meet the team and all participants. During this month you will meet entrepreneurs, big businesses, investors and curious people. You will create a concept, work on the concept and pitch it front of important people. You will learn about leadership, self-development and become a strong, self-dependent team.

You will get:

  • Free stay, food, and plane tickets to Oslo, Norway.
    An innovation program in world class.
  • Mentorship, expertise and guidance.
  • Gain a network of brilliant people from all over the world.
  • A major opportunity to create a startup that will succeed.
  • Meet top investors, corporations, entrepreneurs and business people.
  • Learn leadership, self-development, team-building, innovation, creativity, about the sustainable development goals, entrepreneurship, yourself and much more.

YSI expectations

  1. You commit to the program from April – August (5-15 hours a week).
  2. You are ready for being in Oslo from August 14th to 25th (free stay).
  3. You commit to following up the project after the workshop and conference.

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