Although year 2014 has not ended yet, it is always useful to prepare for the big events in advance.

Planning for 2017? We got your covered: check 19 must-attend conferences for business students in 2017.

And 2015 promises lots of business student events and conferences for anyone interested in networking, finding the right business partners, clients and just get inspired by meeting remarkable people. So here’s the list:

10 business student events to attend in 2015

1. World Business Dialogue 2015 (March 8-13, 2015) [Cologne, Germany]

World Business Dialogue is considered the world’s largest international student-run business convention. Its aim is to gather young and promising leaders every year in Cologne, Germany to discuss the latest developments in the business world and how to solve the burning problems at a global level. The conference attracts notable speakers and outstanding participants from all over the globe, so for you it is a great way to find new partners, clients or apprentices.

2. Campus for Finance 2015: New Year’s Edition (January 14-15, 2015) [Vallendar, Germany]

More into financial topics? Then Campus for Finance is a great conference to attend for meeting notable influencers in the financial industry worldwide. The event attracts approximately 400 students annually, and hundreds of professionals and company representatives, so it is another amazing opportunity to network. The application deadline is November 23. Can’t attend this edition? There’s another one that is devoted to Private Equity (March 25-26, 2015).

3. Global Entrepreneurship Summer School 2015 (September, 2015) [Munich, Germany]

During the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School, which takes place every year in Munich, 35 selected participants work within diverse teams and solve global issues in a profitable manner. Throughout intensive 10 days of the program, teams are expected to come up with “the next big thing” and pitch the idea to investors. If you wish to test your entrepreneurial prowess, then GESS is a great opportunity to do so. The application process is starting in 2015, but you can already mark your calendars.

4. Harvard Project For International Relations 2015 (February 13-16, 2015) [Boston, United States of America]

The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) is a student-run association of the Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences. HPAIR arranges Harvard University’s largest yearly student conferences in the Asia-Pacific region. The event has been around since 1991, attracting the best international students, influencers and business people from all over the globe. Need to expand your network? Then this event is just screaming for your attendance!

5. South American Business Forum 2015 (August 6-8, 2015) [Buenos Aires, Argentina]

This conference takes place every year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, bringing 100 top international students, politicians and business people, making this event the largest student-run competition. The business event will take place from the 6th till 8th of August, and the application starts on the 2nd of February and it will end on May 3rd.

6. Solvay Business Game 2015 (March 14-15, 2015) [Brussels, Belgium]

Want to solve case studies of reputable companies and get a job? Then Solvay Business Game is the right choice for you to get noticed by big corporates as a young potential while testing your critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills. This competition attracts more than 400 participants all over Europe (and beyond), and lately a separate contest has been initiated by University of Saint Gallen in Switzerland. So if you miss the one in Brussels, you might want to catch up on the missed opportunity by going to St. Gallen.

7. St. Gallen Symposium (May 7-8, 2015) [St. Gallen, Switzerland]

Every year, the St. Gallen Symposium is being held in the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, which selects and invites the future leaders from diverse industries and backgrounds. This year’s topic is “Proudly Small”, and the conference will welcome 200 Leaders of Tomorrow and 600 Leaders of Today. The deadline for the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award, the essay competition, through which students can apply to attend the symposium, is February 1, 2015.

8. PeakTime 2015 (May, 2015) [Riga, Latvia]

Peak Time is the largest international business student competition in Eastern Europe involving participants from all over the world organized by Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. The contest includes 3 rounds, which include business simulation (Round 1), solving case studies (Round 2), and having both types of challenges in the finals in Riga. Usually 100 best participants are invited to the third stage of the competition, so if you feel competitive and would like to attend “Paris of the North”, don’t miss the application deadline.

9. IdeaLab 2015 (October 8-9, 2015) [Vallendar, Germany]

IdeaLab is positioning itself as the largest student-led conference for startups and young founders. Each year, young founders, seasoned investors and outstanding speakers are invited for a 2-day event to share and discuss ideas, partner together or invest into new ventures, making it an exciting opportunity to expand businesses to a new level. The dates for the next year conference have already been announced. I am definitely applying to go there in 2015, and would recommend everyone who is into

10. Asia Pacific Week (June 23-26, 2015) [Canberra, Australia]

If you are willing to learn more about the latest economic and political trends in the Pacific region while meeting talented students hand-picked from all over the world, then the Asia Pacific Week is the right choice for you. It takes place at the Australian National University, and next year it will be the fifth time when this conference is arranged.

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