3 things you need to realize when your mentor is scarce

If you’re just getting started as an entrepreneur and have a business mentor, what do you do when your mentor is scarce and seemingly doesn’t have much time for you?

After all, you worked hard to attract your mentor and are doing everything they suggest you do. Right?

Then why does it seem like they’re turning their back on you?

Chances are, they’re not. I’ve had this happen before and I walked away with a few realizations from my experience.

My hope is that these insights will help you when it seems that your mentor is scarce with their time for you.

1. Your business mentor is scarce due to a number of clients

As much as we want our business mentors to focus only on us, we’re not the only people in the mentoring inner circle. On a conscious level, we know this.

However, our subconscious directs our habits.

Perhaps one of your habits is to always want to be first in line or it could be that you want to be the one who always is in the limelight.

These are personal development issues that should be addressed.

Ask yourself this one question: what are you doing to stand out from the rest of your mentors coaching clients?

Here are some tips to stand out from the pack:

  1. Take great notes on assignment instructions and assignment progress – this allows you to document your journey and creates a reference you can share with future mentees
  2. Complete assignments early – this will allow for early feedback and corrections
  3. Ask clarifying questions on instructions during your mentoring session – this improves communication with your mentor
  4. Never miss an assignment deadline – this shows you respect your mentor’s time by not wasting it or making it seem you’re not a good student

2. Your business mentor is human

Just because someone is successful doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own personal demons to deal with.

Part of the reason they’re successful is that they’ve found ways to deal with them more efficiently than the rest of us

This happened to my mentor recently when they began asking themselves if what they were doing was even worth the fight anymore.

Yes, even the highly successful can have bouts of depression and get into a funk.

I’m happy to say that my mentor shook themselves off and, after a couple of weeks of quiet time, has come back with a greater sense of purpose than before.

Also, it’s helpful to remember that your mentor likely has a family to deal with and care for.

If you’re a parent or are part of a family (which should be everyone on Earth), then you know what I mean.

3. Your business mentor is scarce because you’re ready

This also happened to me. I was so blind to my abilities that I was doubting the quality of my work.

As such, I would seek approval from my mentor. This resulted in my mentor seeming to not have as much time for me.

Then, it dawned upon me what I was doing. I had to realize that no matter what I thought of my work, the marketplace would be the ultimate judge.

My feedback would have to come from there. This meant that I needed to get out of my head and just get to work.

This actually makes complete sense to me now because this is how the pioneers of industry had to do it to achieve the success they gained.

Not everyone has the benefit of having a mentor to iron out the path to success.

Nobody is as good when they first got started in something, be it sports, playing an instrument, or even marketing your business opportunity, as when they’ve acquired a few months or years worth of experience under their belt.

After all, it takes approximately 10,000 hours of practice at anything you do to achieve mastery in the subject.


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